Luz Rodriguez


Luz Rodriguez


Folk dancing
Folk music
Folk songs—Puerto Rico
Music—Latin America


A collection of the objects that Luz Rodriguez brought to the 2018 History Harvest.


Luz Rodriguez


Personal Collection of Luz Rodriguez


Luz Rodriguez



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New Britain, CT; Connecticut; Puerto Rico; 2018; 2010s; 21st century

Collection Items

Dance Outfit
The Bomba and the Plena are important musical traditions in Puerto Rico. The Bomba and the Plena are two different music styles; however, it is common to refer to it together because of the similarities they share. The Bomba is of African origin and…

Photograph of the Bomba Dance Outfit
A photograph of Luz Rodriguez and her dance partner getting ready to perform. Luz is wearing La Blusa y Falda outfit also included in the collection.

The Güirro, is a musical instrument that originated from Puerto Rico. It is made from a fruit called the Iguerra. The instrument is a notched hollowed-out gourd, and was traditionally used by the Taino. The Güirro is used during many different…

An oral interview given by Luz Rodriguez where she discusses the objects she brought to the History Harvest.
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