Sammy Campoverde


Sammy Campoverde


Sammy Campoverde (interviewee) is being Interviewed by Nate Jedziniak, along side Taylor Viele (Notetaker). Sammy, born April 30th, 1997, in West Haven, has brought in Soccer Scarfs, one (yellow) being for Ecuador's national team, and the other (white) being for a club team. Sammy gives insight into how Soccer is a huge part of his life, while playing recreationally. Both scarfs have been displayed above his bed in the past and show Sammy's devotion and love for the sport as well as to remind him of home. The Scarfs are popular in stadiums across the world, and are used as a way to show support for a team.


Nate: Thank you for sitting down with us today.
Sammy: You're Welcome.
Nate: I asked you how you were doing and did not give you time to answer. How are you doing?
Sammy: I'm doing pretty good.
Nate: All right. Im Nate and this is Taylor, she will be taking notes. uh, can you start by telling us your name please.
Sammy: Sammy Campoverde
Nate: Can you spell that please
Sammy: s-a-m-m-y. and I don"t know if you want the last name?
Nate: Yes please.
Sammy: c-a-m-p-o-v-e-r-d-e.
Nate; All right, and Sammy what's your date of birth?
Sammy: April, 30, 1997.
Nate: And uh, where are you from? Are you from this area?
Sammy: Uh, well, ethnically wise you could say I'm Ecuadorian but I've lived in, I've lived in West Haven for like 20 years now.
Nate: Okay. Uh, are you, were you born in Connecticut or?
Sammy: No, so actually I was born in Queens, I was here for a little bit, then my mom went back to Ecuador, cause she lived in Ecuador. But my dad lived here. but basically I went back and lived in Ecuador for 4 and a half years and then when I was 4 I came to live in West Haven and I've been in the same house ever since.
Nate: Okay. All Right, lets see, uh, you uh, brought an item for us. so it uh, looks like a couple of scarfs or banners.
Sammy: So their kind of like soccer scarfs. and stuff.
Nate: Soccer Scarfs, okay.
Sammy: cause like the yellow one that says Ecuador, that's like for the national team and then the other white one, which is Liga De Quito that's like a club team. which like all my family supports.
Nate: All right so these are like their like things you would wear at like a soccer game.
Sammy: Yeah. I'd wear this at like a soccer game or like there will be people use them as banners with like stuff. like its kind of cool to see when a whole stadium is flaring them up.
Nate: Have you ever brought one to a game?
Sammy: No I haven't, I haven't been able too.
Nate: All right. Um, these items, did, um, their both for an Ecuador team right? Did you um, are these Items actually from Ecuador?
Sammy: Yeah I got them when I was over there visiting at one point.
Nate: Okay cool, cool. And, you said uh soccer, are you a big soccer fan.
Sammy: Yes, that's one of my biggest passions of my life I'd say.
Nate: Really? Okay, do you play as well as watch games.
Sammy: I like, yeah I watch games and I play. Like I was playing yesterday but its more for recreational.
Nate: Okay, um, do you display these? Like, do you have them displayed in your room?
Sammy: Not right now but when i lived on campus I use to have both of them hung up on top of my bed. so it was kind of a way to remind me of home.
Nate: Oh, lets see, any personal stories associated with the item, so you just said you hang them up and stuff but, havent had a chance to go to a game yet?
Sammy: No, just cause its like the Ligo de Quito your only going to see them in South America playing basically, and then the Ecuador one um, I've been, I've been to a couple of Ecuador games here, one in uh city Field at Left Stadium and another one in Met-Life, the Jets and Giants Stadium. but I got, I went to those before i got the scarf.
Nate: All right, uh, if there is anything else you would like to add feel free to go ahead, if not thank you for your sitting down and chatting with us today.
Sammy: Nope I think I got it all.
Nate: All right Thank you.
End of Interview


Alex M


CCSU Library


April 23, 2022


CCSU History Department




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