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Tea Dress pre-War.jpg
Portrait of Mary McConnell Borah. Before World War I in the U.S. Women wore luxurious dresses with long layered skirts over corsets accentuating their waists.

Surgical Dressing Abroad.jpg
Cover and tittle page of the financial statement of the Red Cross Fund and related page on Surgical Dressing Services

American National Red Cross War Fund Introduction
American National Red Cross War Fund Financial Statement- including Surgical Dressing Services- Item 6

IMG_20161104_120449447neighbor kid is disloyal and reported 1.jpg
Hartford Ct
Feb. 4, 1918
American Council of Defense
Owing that I am a American citizen. I think it is my duty to inform you that a boy named Francine Quigley 70 Vanblock Ave. city. is tearing down quite a number of those zone warning…

fake hoover letter.jpg
The letter states,
"Dear Madam:
The Federal investigator for the committee on the Conservation of Food supply informs us that you have a surplus amount of canned fruits, vegetables, jellies, etc. over the above the number permitted for a family…

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A soldier is next to his horse, standing over cases of Bevo drink, with supply trucks in the distance.

For every woman worker.png
Poster showing a parade of women workers wearing uniforms appropriate for specific jobs.

You can knit smaller.jpg
Women Making Dress- American Red Cross Poster- showing woman knitting

Bishop Studio1.jpg
Small text advert recommending photographs for soldiers kits.

Women earn eight hour working day.jpg
Newspaper article noting the change to an eight hour work day for women in Bridgeport, Connecticut
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