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1918 Armistice Failed to Halt Wars.pdf
Newspaper article in the Hartford Courant, claiming that the Armistice did not end the Great War

LOC - I Want You Poster.jpg
Iconic "I Want You" army recruiting poster.

LOC - My Son Your Country Is Calling.pdf
This is the sheet music for the song "My Son, Your Country Is Calling" by Milton Charles Bennett. It was published by Bennett in Hartford, Connecticut.

LOC - New Haven Town.pdf
This is the sheet music for the song "When You're Down in Old New Haven Town," which is about a soldier coming home from France and going to New Haven.

"Over There" is one of the most iconic patriotic songs written in the United States during World War 1.

LOC - Over There.jpg
This is the cover art for the sheet music for the iconic World War 1 song "Over There."

LOC - Red Cross Girl.pdf
Sheet music for the song "The Red Cross Girl," which is about a wounded soldier talking about a Red Cross nurse that he calls an angel.

Terms of the the Armistice told in President Wilson's Address.pdf
The Armistice information relayed to the American people, particularly Connecticut
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