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This man is standing facing the camera while smiling. The three stripes on his shoulder denote his rank of Sergeant in the military. He is featured in several photos of the WWI section of their photo album.

Several women are standing up outside of a group of shelters on both sides of the path facing toward three people carrying a flag in the direction of the photographer.

A line of women in uniform are standing. There are two photos, taken in sequence and consist of the same shot.

Five women look at the camera while sitting. They are clad in their uniforms and are smiling for the picture.

A group of five women in uniform are surrounding a pump in a semi-circle facing the camera. Four of the women are standing, while the fifth has tongue out and is drinking water from the pump.

Cummings House 1.png
The Cummings family had lived in Ridgefield for several generations, with William "Billy" Cummings being one of the first to die in the line of service for the U.S. from Ridgefield. A historic home, it had been a place of relaxation and joy in the…

WLA Training School Poster.jpg
The WLA had a camp in Ridgefield which organized women to take over the traditionally male role of providing food for the family through farming and harvesting crops. Ridgefield had thirty women (mostly students) who came to Ridgefield to work the…

Bill Cummings.jpg
William "Bill" Cummings is staring at the camera in uniform.

William Cummings.pdf
The article at the top has the American Flag logo which is typically placed at the top of any articles in the Ridgefield Press which have news about the war. Underneath it gives a short obituary to him pertaining his service during the war and life.
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