Any time I can be of service...

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Any time I can be of service...


Detective for the Navy.


The following is a response to the Council of Defense agreeing to serve as a detective for the Navy.
"Thomas Hewes, Esq.,
Secretary of the State Council of Defense,
State Capitol,
Hartford, Conn.
My dear Hewes:
Replying to your letter of recent date concerning my acceptance of the postion offered by you for the Town of Windsor Locks in relation to services for the United States Navy, I will be very glad to accept the said appointment, and my only reason for not answering your letter before was the fact that I had previously accepted a commission which I thought was for the same source as the one offered by you. Any time I can be of any service to you all you have to do is command me.
I am, Very truly yours, Frank E. Healy."
While Healy's letter is unusual that he was recruited as an attorneys at law rather than a detective, he must have had the skill set the Council of defense desired with his law background. This letter is also wirteen with enthusiam to serve with is representative of many more letters of acceptance to serve. Many other letters of acceptance also recognize it as a duty and an honor. Healy's enthusiasm is representative of the large wave of nationalism across the nation at the time


Frank E. Healy


Frank E. Healy, 10 Oct. 1917, RG 30 Box 56, Folder M19, Council of Defense, 1917-1919, Connecticut State Library Archives.


Allen Kozloski


October 10th, 1917.






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