Espionage and Dissidents


Espionage and Dissidents

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Hearst's Newspapers Not Sold Here
"Hearst's Newspapers and Magazines Not Sold Here
For the Period of the War
The New Mexico Council of Defense and the Country Council of Defense of this county have coninced us that Hearst's newspapers have been anti-Bitish, un-American and…

Leaflet Warning on Spies
A mass produced and circulated warning by the Daily Times warning the public of Connecticut to report anyone suspicious.

Child suspected of disloyalty
Hartford Ct
Feb. 4, 1918
American Council of Defense
Owing that I am a American citizen. I think it is my duty to inform you that a boy named Francine Quigley 70 Vanblock Ave. city. is tearing down quite a number of those zone warning…

A public advisory: The German Whisper
The First Page, "Mr. Citizen, you are now on the firing line, Imperial Germany is not merely attacking on the western front. She is attacking in every community in the United States. Her assault is under the direction of the German General staff. It…

Connecticut Council of Defense: The search for detectives to work for the Navy and investigate reports of suspicious activity.
Connecticut State Council of Defense
Dear Sir:-
Sometime ago you received from us Town Bulletin #3 requesting you report to the Council instances of disloyalty or utterances of a seditious or traitorous nature, etc.
We have received a request…

Any time I can be of service...
The following is a response to the Council of Defense agreeing to serve as a detective for the Navy.
"Thomas Hewes, Esq.,
Secretary of the State Council of Defense,
State Capitol,
Hartford, Conn.
My dear Hewes:
Replying to your letter of…

Orders from Washington regarding seditious books.
The following are national orders regarding removal of pro-German books from library selves.
To the Several State Councils of Defense,
From time to time we have been advised by various State Councils that certain books of supposed…

The librarians response to censorship
One librarians response to orders for a librarian to remove dangerous books from the the stacks.
"Mr. A. B. Sands
Heartford Conn.
Dear Sir,
Your communication to free Public Library Mt Carmel relative to withdrawal of Pro- German books from…

Food Sabotage
The letter states,
"Dear Madam:
The Federal investigator for the committee on the Conservation of Food supply informs us that you have a surplus amount of canned fruits, vegetables, jellies, etc. over the above the number permitted for a family…

The Press and Housewives Against Food Saboteurs
The images include the press release the Council of Defense recommended and the corresponding article.
The Information for the Press states,
"Hartford, November 11--- The attention of the Connecticut State Council of Defense has been called on…
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