Alert Civilian and Preventing a potential Dynamite Plot on Colt Works

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Alert Civilian and Preventing a potential Dynamite Plot on Colt Works


Attempted Sabotage


The following is a note from of a phone call made to the Council of Defense.
"Mr. Alsop
Mr. Luddy
Mr. Albert H. House of Windsor reports the name of Mr. Lewis Meher who resides on Pine Swamp Road which runs off the main road at Station 8.
This man is an employee at the Colt Works. In the recent Campaign for the Y.M.C.A. Funds in Windsor he treated the representative very discourteously and damned the president up and down and everyone else connected with the United States Government and its war preparations.
Additional information regarding this man shows that early in the summer he brought some dynamite to Windsor without a license. Investigation at the time showed that he did have a license obtained in New Britain. I understand, however, that the dynamite was taken away from him.
He is very active and load in his talk against the war in the trolleys and it is his opinion of a great many people in the vicinity that he is an undesirable neighbor.

The above information was received over the telephone from Mr. Albert H. House of Windsor."
While this man was active in speaking out against the war and his disenchantment for the United States government , there is no record of him being arrested. Rather he was simply disarmed of his dynamite and mostly likely under further investigation by agents working for the Navy, or Council of Defense. This potential threat was stopped by an alert citizen calling the authorities with a tip and unsettling observation.


Council of Defense


Council of Defense, 28 Nov. 1917, RG 30 Box 56, Folder M19, Council of Defense, 1917-1919, Connecticut State Library Archives.


Allen Kozloski


November 28, 1917.





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