Register as German at the Local Post Office

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Register as German at the Local Post Office


Suspicion and Profiling


The following is a decree put up in government and local building written in both English and German.
"GERMANS YOU MUST REGISTER BETWEEN Monday, Feb. 4, and Saturday, FEB. 9
A Proclamation issued by the president of the United States on November 16, 1917 orders you to present yourself for registration between Monday, Feburary 4, and Saturday, February 9.
This order applies to you if you are native, citizen, denizen or subject of the German Empire, unless you have been fully naturalized as an American Citizen, even if you have registered before.--- It applies to every male German Fourteen years old or over.
Present Yourself Early Before the Postmaster
You will be required to furnish four unmounted photographs of yourself, not larger than 3 by 3 inches, on thin paper, with light backgrounds. Have these photographs ready before the registration begins.
In Case of Doubt, Consult the Postmaster
This Order Must be Obeyed!
Issued by the Connecticut State Council of Defense for the United States Government


Connecticut State Council of Defense


Connecticut State Council of Defense, 16 Nov. 1917, RG 30 Box 56, Folder M27, Council of Defense, 1917-1919, Connecticut State Library Archives.


Allen Kozloski


November 16, 1917




English and German

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