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Printing Borrowing Return Labels

This is another attempt to try and save supplies. In doing many trucks of returned materials, I found that we can save if we edit and delete the addresses for the materials that came with return address labels. And it will allow you to edit the CCAR return labels which do not print properly. (We could also try tweaking the CCAR labels on the lending book slips, but I haven’t decided about that.)

Leave all of the green slips on, because this gives the TN: number and it makes life easier. Check all the items in through ILLiad Borrowing and run the Print Returns to get the slips. When that is complete, go through all the materials and sort the books into two piles, books with return address slips and books without.

Take the pile of books with WITH the return address labels and compare the addresses on screen with the book in hand. Delete all of the address labels for transactions that HAVE return address labels. (What I do is delete the address and transaction number, but leave the top part of the box.) At this point you can take the green slips off the books that came with the return address labels.

This next step is hard to describe, but here goes: cut and paste the address labels up into the freed up labels. This could allow you to eliminate a whole sheet of labels from being printed. You can then eventually delete all the empty labels from the end of the run of slips.

Seeing this done is easier, so ask me…ok?