CPAA personal papers collections are very diverse in nature: from strictly
private to mixture of personal documents and organizational records.  Most
Polish Americans whose papers we house were active in at least one of
ethnic organization though majority of them worked on behalf of
several societies, organizations, or institutions.  

There are inventories linked to short records.  These inventories describe the
content of folder without listing every single document included in the
folder.  If interested in detailed list of particular folder's content (for
instance: number of letters, exact dates, etc.)  or copies of particular
documents please contact us by e-mail, fax or telephone (see CPAA Home
link below).

Andre B. Blaszczynski
Lucian Bojnowski
John M. Budarz
Ludomil A. Chotkowski
Irene Dubicka-Morawska
Roman Galinski
Ewa Gierat
Jan Magnus Krynski
Thaddeus W. Maliszewski
Ewa Slusarek
Leonard Zub-Zdanowicz
Polish Survivors of the Holocaust, oral history project