Manuel (Manny) Reyes


Manuel (Manny) Reyes

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Connecticut Policy Academy Graduating Class of 1975 Listing including Manuel (Manny) Reyes
In the program of graduates from the Connecticut Police Academy in 1975, Manuel (Manny) Reye’s name is listed. Manny was the second Latino to serve in New Britain, but it was not an easy accomplishment. In 1974 he had passed all of his tests to be…

City of New Britain Proclamation about Manuel (Manny) Reyes
In 2008 Manuel (Manny) Reyes received a Proclamation from the Mayor Timothy Stewart to honor his leadership in New Britain, Connecticut and the Puerto Rican Community. The proclamation highlighted his service in the U.S. Air force, Connecticut Army…

An interview with Manuel Reyes during the 2017 History Harvest in New Britain. Manuel provides contextual background to the items he brought to the Harvest.

"Boricua Gets Doctorate" News Article
This object is a newspaper article stating Professor Arnaldo Sierra of Central Connecticut State College Obtained Doctorate in Philosophy, 1973. In 1973, Professor Arnaldo Sierra of the Department of Language Central Connecticut state College, New…
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