"Boricua Gets Doctorate" News Article



"Boricua Gets Doctorate" News Article


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This object is a newspaper article stating Professor Arnaldo Sierra of Central Connecticut State College Obtained Doctorate in Philosophy, 1973. In 1973, Professor Arnaldo Sierra of the Department of Language Central Connecticut state College, New Britain, obtained Doctorate in Philosophy. The article explains that Dr. · Sierra was the originator of Degree program Puerto Ricans at CCSC. This is significant historically because Dr. Arnoldo Sierra was a Professor Emeritus at CCSU, where he taught for 23 years in the Modern Language Department. His lifetime commitment was to create opportunities for Puerto Rican and Latino students in Higher Education that otherwise these Latino children wouldn’t have had an opportunity that he gave them. He became an advocate and mentor for many students. He was a real trailblazer for his community just like in the examples in Bill Palmers book Trailblazing Latino Americans.

Historically Professor Arnaldo Sierra is a true pioneer for his community, when looking through the city directory for the 1960’s and 1970’s the Latino community didn’t even start to arrive until the mid-1960’s and the community was scarce until the mid-1970’s so for Arnaldo Sierra to have a doctorate at this time really lays the groundwork for the Latino community and gives them a template to strive for.

The article states that Professor Arnaldo Sierra served as president of the Board of Directors of the Center Of New Britain and in the Executive Board. Beyond the information the article provided, Dr. Sierra also served as a longtime member of the Board of Trustees for the State Community Colleges, where he promoted equal opportunities for the hiring of minority candidates in administrative positions Dr. Sierra was a recipient of several awards including the Ford Foundation Fellowship, Hispanic Leadership Fellowship and The Medal of Honor from the Josefina Romo-Arrregui Memorial Foundation, and he too was honored for his accomplishments as these people were as well. These are great accomplishments that should be revered as similar accomplishments are in the article by Business Wire in 2004 called Outstanding Latinos Named Local Heroes; Eleven Californians Recognized for Contributions to Communities.

Dr. Sierra found great respect in a time where Latinos could barely speak the native language, and this pioneer did what many Latino’s would call impossible. But as he persevered and took on this daunting task of obtaining a doctorate in philosophy and worked within a network that must have been nearly unmanageable to crack he did so

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New Britain, CT; Connecticut; Puerto Rico; 1973; 1970s; 2017; 2010s; 20th century; 21st century.


Enero de 1973                                                  


El profesor Arnaldo Sierra del departamento de Lenguaje del Central Connecticut State College (CCSC), New Britain, obtuvo doctroado en Filosofía y Letras con especializacíon en Español de La Universidad de Connecticut el pasado mes.

Dr. Sierra es natural de San Juan, Puerto Rico. Es graduado de la Universidad de Buffalo, New York y de Brown Unversity, Providence, Rhode Island.

Dr. Sierra ha estado activo en asuntos de la comunidad en New Britain y pueblos limitrofes. Ha servido como presidente de la Junta de Directores del Centro Hispano de New Britain y en la Junta Ejecutiva de CONNTAC y el Concilio Comunal del mismo pueblo.

Dr. Sierra fué el orginador de Programa de Estudios Puertorriqueños en CCSC.

Dr. Sierra vive en la Avenida Randall, Elmwood con su esposa Marion y siete hijos. 

January, 1973

Professor Arnaldo Sirra, of the Language Department at Central Connecticut State College obtained a Doctorate of Philosophy and Letters with specialization in Spanish at the University of Connecticut last month. 

Dr. Sierra is a native of San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is a graduate of the University of Buffalo, New York and of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Dr. Sierra has been active in the community affairs of New Britain and nearby towns. He has served as the president of The Board of Directors for the Hispanic Center of New Britain and the Executive Board of CONNTAC and the Community Council for the same town. 

Dr. Sierra lives on Randall Avenue in Elmwood with his wifem Marion and six children. 

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