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15 Jesus Print.jpg
 This item is a framed calendar print depicting Jesus Christ. Said print originated as part of a calendar manufactured in Añasco, Puerto Rico. Such religious iconography remained a common household item in many Puerto Rican Catholic items. Although…

An oral history given by Ayamara Yllanes, describing the figurines she brought to the History Harvest and placing them into context.

This beautiful canvas of “El flamboyan” was brought in by a New Britain local and although it is not the native tree, it’s one of the most beautiful and recognizable trees across the island. This beautiful and umbrella like tree originated in…

Contributor Carlos Soler brought in an African Face Mask for the Harvest, which he purchased in a wood carving village in Ghana when he was studying abroad about twenty years ago. When he saw the mask, he knew he had to have it. He feels strongly…

Description:This object is a necklace, and originally the decoration on the front would have been carved into a rock or painted or drawn on a cave wall. In recent history, the Cemi symbols have been used as decorative pieces to represent the…
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