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This collection consists of a series of newspaper articles and fliers each with importance regarding the Latino community in New Britain starting in the late 80s and ending in the late 90s. A 1988 report by H. C. Chung of the University of Bridgeport…

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This 1990 Family Magazine article tells the story of the Saavedra family. It focuses on one of the matriarchs of the family, Inocenica Saavedra. She was 67 at the time that this article was written which would make her 94 today. Inocenica moved from…

These are various newspaper clippings and photographs announcing the winner of the pageant to name the Queen of the Puerto Rican Festival. The pageant was held at the Puerto Rican Club in New Britain, CT, and the festival was held on Jul 16, 1988. A…
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