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Natividad Rosa 21-1.m4a
The oral history given by Natividad L. Rosa during the 2018 History Harvest.

An interview given by Gladys Moreno Fuentes during the History Harvest. She discusses the fertility goddess depiction she brought with her and its significance to her.

An interview conducted with Gladys Moreno-Fuentes during the 2018 History Harvest. Mrs. Fuentes discusses the drinking cup and bowl set she brought in.

17 Rubén Valencio-1.m4a
An account given by Ruben Valencia during the April 29, 2018 History Harvest. Ruben discusses the object he brought to the Harvest, its origins, and its significance to him.

Scapular Necklace.m4a
Oral interview with Edgar Perez concerning the objects he brought to the history harvest

An oral history given by Maria Padilla concerning her History Harvest items.

#2 History Harvest (Dry Run).m4a
An interview with Moises Yllanes to discuss the objects he brought to the History Harvest.

1 And1a Mate.m4a
Recordings of the Interviews given by Irina Vassatt-Brites during the History Harvest, discussing the objects she brought.

Awilda Interview.mp3
An interview with Awilda Saavedra Reasco where she discusses the objects that she brought for the History Harvest.

An interview with Julia Rodriguez about the objects she brought to the History Harvest, the photos and newspaper clippings.

Artifact #5 Interview.m4a
Interview with Hermi Marrero about the object he brought to the History Harvest.

Interview with Manuel Reyes (MP3)
An interview with Manuel Reyes during the 2017 History Harvest in New Britain. Manuel provides contextual background to the items he brought to the Harvest.
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