ILLiad Update

As you remember, the previous post was about the AutoHotKeys.  Debbie will be helping me sometime this week to hopefully make them easier to use.

I have now shown all of you how to place a document on our ILLiad server and notify the patron via email. I will get those instructions into the wiki as soon as I can.

We have many new emails within ILLiad to use:

Email to Mary Ellen about a serial problem: Borrowing, Lending

Note:  Borrowing, Lending

Borrowing emails for Yes Renewal, No Renewal, an email for documents available through our databases, another for full text material found on the web.  There is a renewal to resend a request and some renewals that accompany the ALA form and the National Library of Medicine form.

For borrowing, we also have a new procedure to notify patrons who have not come to pick up their materials after one week.  This should be done weekly by the departmental person.

Stale request processing:  This process should also be done weekly by the departmental person.  I will put those instructions on the wiki too, if all goes well early next week.

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