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When the scanner and BScan just won’t work

Sometimes, nothing will make the scanner cooperate. When this happens, this is what I would suggest doing.

Shut down the computer and then reboot it, but don’t open any programs.

To completely shut down the scanner, there is a toggle switch on the back right side of the scanner. Turn it off. Wait 10 seconds.

Turn the toggle switch back on and wait 10 more seconds.

Turn on the green button on the front of the machine and wait 10 more seconds.

Reopen BScan. If there is anything in there, delete it by clicking “New Session”. Reopen Ariel.

If the scanner bulbs are not quite a full, calibrate the scanner.

Hope this helps, Kim

Batch Scanning in BScan ILL

There has been so much happening that I can’t remember if I have told everyone about this. We can now scan documents in batches. Depending on their size, I would usually chose to do three or four at a time.

Just scan pull slip number one and then scan the document. When you are done, scan pull slip number 2 and scan the document. Keep going until you are done.

The thing to remember is that when you do the Image Treatment it will take longer, but it will allow you to do another task. Try it, it does speed things up.

BScan ILL and updating Illiad, Odyssey

OOOPS….I was incorrect as Chris pointed out to me today.

We do still need to set the Odyssey requests back to “In Stacks Searching.” Otherwise they will not appear in Odyssey Helper and therefore will not transmit.