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Electronic delivery processing and HRM

Ok, I bet all of you have had this happen, where you import a document into electronic delivery processing from HRM and it does not behave properly and the only alternative is to print it, delete it and rescan it. As far as I know they are the only library that this happens to.

It happened today and I called Christy about it and we think we found the answer. When I looked in ILLiad at HRM’s library record, the addresses for Odyssey and Ariel were both: ill.hartford.edu. Now, who will be the first to ask, when did HRM get ILLiad. They didn’t. What they have is the Odyssey Standalone product. But, the part that really matter is that the addresses were the same. I think that meant when we got a request from them, ILLiad couldn’t deal with the two identical addresses. Christie told me that their Odyssey address has the /ILL after that. So, I modified their record. I think we will never see this happen again to HRM, but if it does, let me know. Actually, if it happens to any other library, let me know, also.

What to do when Odyssey glitches

New instructions for Odyssey in Borrowing are now on the wiki: http://eblill.pbworks.com/Incoming-Odyssey-problems

Odyssey in Lending: for now we should set all Odyssey articles back to [In Stacks Searching]. This could change in ILLiad 8, but I won’t know until I play with it.  I will try to  working on ILLiad 8 and Bscan during April.

Awaiting Odyssey Scanning and importing into ILLiad Lending

Things have changed with the upgrade of the new computer in the back room.

When importing an electronic document into Odyssey Lending, change the document to a tiff and save in My Documents. This hasn’t changed.

In ILLiad, we NO LONGER have to change the status back to “In Stacks Searching” status for Odyssey documents. Odyssey is looking for the “Awaiting Odyssey Scanning” status.

The problem we encountered is that sometimes when the document is imported the document information does not populate the field and the [SEND] buttons are grayed out. When this happens, just type in the TN number and hit [Enter]. This should populate the screen and the [SEND] button will appear.

BScan ILL and updating Illiad, Odyssey

OOOPS….I was incorrect as Chris pointed out to me today.

We do still need to set the Odyssey requests back to “In Stacks Searching.” Otherwise they will not appear in Odyssey Helper and therefore will not transmit.

Library MCW and Odyssey

MCW is having a problem with receiving Odyssey documents. I have posted a note to this effect on the computer by the scanner.

UA’s: If you see an article request from MCW, be sure to code it for Ariel, not Odyssey. Unfortunately, I have attempted to un-click this in Address Management in ILLiad, but every time a new request is downloaded, it will overwrite my edits.

Students: If you notice that the UA’s have missed this, just automatically send documents to MCW via Ariel.