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This is a photograph of CCSU Airbridge students from the University of Puerto Rico taken in November of 2017 following the damage sustained to the island of Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria. The Airbridge program is designed to offer undergraduate…

History Harvest.m4a
History Harvest interview with Daniel R. about the photograph he brought for the history harvest.

Scapular Necklace.m4a
Oral interview with Edgar Perez concerning the objects he brought to the history harvest

An interview given by Gladys Moreno Fuentes during the History Harvest. She discusses the fertility goddess depiction she brought with her and its significance to her.

An interview conducted with Gladys Moreno-Fuentes during the 2018 History Harvest. Mrs. Fuentes discusses the drinking cup and bowl set she brought in.

oral disclosure of the Valenzuela family

Dave talks about his life during the Vietnam war through the 1970's and talks about the peace for Vietnam group that he is apart of.

Artifact #5 Interview.m4a
Interview with Hermi Marrero about the object he brought to the History Harvest.

1 And1a Mate.m4a
Recordings of the Interviews given by Irina Vassatt-Brites during the History Harvest, discussing the objects she brought.

An interview with Julia Rodriguez about the objects she brought to the History Harvest, the photos and newspaper clippings.

An interview with Andrea Velez

#18 Rosary Beads.m4a
An interview conducted during the 2018 History Harvest with Larry Alicea. He discusses the rosary beads he has brought with him and their significance to him.

Amy Angosh: Heritage Roots
Amy Angosh is an Immigrant from London, England living in New Britain, Ct. She was interviewed by Sammy CampoVerde; A local history student at CCSU. During the interview Angosh and CampoVerde discuss topics regarding heritage, community roots, and…

Interview 9, 10 and 13.mp3
An interview with Luz Maria Valles as she describes the objects she brought to the Harvest, including the traditional dita.
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