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By supporting World War I on the home front, serving in the armed forces, and commemorating the war, Thomaston responded to "the needs of the time" in many of the same ways as every other American town did.

But Thomaston's industrial identity associated with Seth Thomas Clocks presented unique ways to contribute to the war effort. Its industry in times of peace poised the town to make significant contributions in times of war, particularly by producing marine clocks and brass. This, in turn, shaped Thomaston’s culture by cementing women, immigrants, and ethnic groups into its social fabric. 

Some might say that during World War I, Thomaston moved "with clockwork precision."

American Picked Troops Have Already Marched Far Into Liberated Territory

Clockmaking was integral to Thomaston's identity. This article from an unknown newspaper about American soldiers in Europe declared that they moved "with clockwork precision." It has been preserved in the Thomaston Historical Society, indicating the town's pride in its contributions to the nation in peacetime and in wartime.