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Gov. Street Photo.jpg
While typically postcards of this era depict scenery of wildlife or buildings, this one has a family in the picture. The picture is off the north side of Governor Street, which Gov. Lounsbury had a home built. Maps of the town reveal that the house…

Main Street 1910.JPG
Post card of Ridgefield crica 1910


Cummings House 1.png
The Cummings family had lived in Ridgefield for several generations, with William "Billy" Cummings being one of the first to die in the line of service for the U.S. from Ridgefield. A historic home, it had been a place of relaxation and joy in the…

WLA Training School Poster.jpg
The WLA had a camp in Ridgefield which organized women to take over the traditionally male role of providing food for the family through farming and harvesting crops. Ridgefield had thirty women (mostly students) who came to Ridgefield to work the…

Bill Cummings.jpg
William "Bill" Cummings is staring at the camera in uniform.

William Cummings.pdf
The article at the top has the American Flag logo which is typically placed at the top of any articles in the Ridgefield Press which have news about the war. Underneath it gives a short obituary to him pertaining his service during the war and life.

Memorial Plaque WWI.png
While Windsor had created the trend of "honor roll boards", which would be adopted across many towns in Connecticut to keep fresh in the minds of thier residents those who served overseas, Ridgefield is unclear if it did. Inquiring with several…

American Legion Building Pic 2.png
These three pictures are of the American Legion post. "The American Legion was chartered and incorporated by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization devoted to mutual helpfulness." -American Legion Website

ViewScan_0000 (11).pdf
It is an account on the food plan leading into the war and in the event of war. It was published in the Ridgefield Press.

WEFA_3066_photos_013 (1).jpg
Photo of the Red Cross Training Class with Dorothy and Cora Weir in the back row.
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