Cummings House

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Cummings House


These are photos taken the day before the Cummings house demolition.


The Cummings family had lived in Ridgefield for several generations, with William "Billy" Cummings being one of the first to die in the line of service for the U.S. from Ridgefield. A historic home, it had been a place of relaxation and joy in the memory of Ridgefield. After the Cummings moved, the house eventually wound up in the hands of the government, who did not maintain the home, and it became blighted. The house is due for demolition on Dec. 12th 2016, but before that time I managed to get a few pictures of the home in its final moments. Once a place of warmth and joy, it has fallen into disrepair and is to be demolished being deemed too broken to repair.


Joshua Pfohl


Joshua Pfohl




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The Cummings house was the home in which William Cummings lived. It is part of his legacy in Ridgefield and is applicable to document to show the home he lived in (even in it's poor state).

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