Ridgefield War Memorial (Pre-WWII)

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Ridgefield War Memorial (Pre-WWII)


A photograph of the memorial dedicated to Ridgefielders who served prior to World War One.


While Windsor had created the trend of "honor roll boards", which would be adopted across many towns in Connecticut to keep fresh in the minds of thier residents those who served overseas, Ridgefield is unclear if it did. Inquiring with several experts and sources yields no evidence that such a board existed, but there is room left for doubt that it is possible such a board existed. After the war, Ridgefield constructed the monument to pay tribute to all those who had served. It was dedicated in 1925 and built the previous year. The Front reads "To the memory of the citizens of Ridgefield who served their country in the wars of the republic 1775-1918. Erected by the people of Ridgefield MCMXXIV".


Town of Ridgefield


Joshua Pfohl




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