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ILLiad 8 and ISO request updating

The following was posted to the ILLiad listserv. The next time we do a “Renew Answer – YES” would someone track it and make sure it works properly. I am including the post below for you to take a look at. Thanks… Kim

Posted March 3 to ILLiad Workflow Toolkit List:
Does anyone out there using ILLiad 8 and ISO to receive lending requests know of any issues with ILLiad not sending a “Renewal – OK” message?

We use ISO to receive ILL requests from public & school libraries via our statewide union catalog and I just realized when I receive a renewal request and answer Yes or No, the borrowing libraries are not getting that message. Everything *looks* right in ILLiad-the “Renew Answer-Yes” message supposedly goes out, if you look in the ISO history tab, but it’s not working.

Anyone know about this? For other PA libraries using ISO to receive your Access PA requests, be aware this may be happening with your requests too.


Andrea Schwartz
Bloomsburg University
Andruss Library, Interlibrary Loan
570-389-4218 (ph)
570-389-1945 (fax)

They lost the “Save” button in ILLiad

From Genie Powell at Atlas:

You may notice after updating to that the save button in the quick access toolbar at the top of the request form has gone missing and just has a blank space. There’s a long story about another bug that we fixed related to layouts but the point is you can get your save button back easily.

When you are in a request, right click up in that top quick access bar section and choose “Reset to Default” (there should only be 3 options in that menu). That will make the save button come back for good.

Let me know if you have any problems getting it back. Kim

Update to ILLiad

From ILLiad:

An update for ILLiad will be loaded on Sunday night so when you come in Monday 12/13 it will prompt you to update.

This update is particularly exciting because it has many new enhancements in it. Atlas went through everything in their development backlog that was an issue for sites that made them still want/need to use 7.4 and addressed them. Some items of note are:

– You can click and drag a tab off of the request form to create a separate form or reorder them however you like. So if you loved seeing the OCLC form on your second monitor, you can now.
– Creating a custom search no longer gives you a loooong list of fields to scroll through but breaks them down by table.
– You can now filter your print jobs to exclude any items you don’t want to print on certain forms like you used to do in Word.

Check out the release notes to see a complete list of all the changes:


Try using ILLiad 8

August is the perfect time to play with ILLiad 8. The way I tried to get used to it, was to just open it and play with it. I think I tried updating outgoing loans first. Then when I had time I tried looking at how the queues work.

The hardest part I felt to get past was the look and the fact that you can have both borrowing and lending tabs open simultaneously, so that you don’t need to keep switching back and forth.

I do need to revisit the subject of why the CONSULS Priority slips do not print correctly in version 8, I will attempt to fuss with that when I get back from vacation. I would just go in and look at the slips and delete the ones that are not CONSULS, then print. If it is the whole file, then ok, delete all the slips.

The other thing I found helpful was the link to ILLiad 8 Documentation. So, I put the link on the blog so we can all find it.

Try it, you might like it……

ILLiad 8 Primer

I was looking for some information today and tripped across this great site. The IDS people have done it again and have created a primer to help you get used to ILLiad 8.


I also have a link to the ILLiad 8 documentation on the blogroll if you have a burning question on how to do something and cannot figure it out. I have been using this a lot, it has saved me many times from getting frustrated.

ILLiad 8 is here

This morning, Norm installed ILLiad 8 on all of your computers. If you don’t see an icon for it, let Norm know.  Remember, you can use version 7.4 and 8 interchangeably. You can open up 8 and if you can’t figure things out, revert back to 7.4.   Personally, I just dove in opened it up and started to play. Be warned, it looks different. You can change the layout, though I haven’t explored that yet. I put a link to the documentation on the blog also.

If you want me to give you a quick run through, let me know.

And we are waiting for the upgrade to BScan to put it on the computer in the back room.