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NO ISO requests in ILLiad

Unfortunately, this does happen. When you are doing lending be sure to monitor that you are receiving ISO requests.

WHEN THIS HAPPENS: contact support@oclc.org. In the subject line enter: Central CT State University ISO Manger and Service. Tell them that we are not receiving our ISO requests and could they please restart both the ISO Service and the ISO Manager.  This usually is completed quickly.

New Borrowing Procedure: reQuest

In an effort to save some money, be sure to check reQuest first for materials that our patrons need.

1) Find the ISBN number and enter it into the request form in ILLiad.
2) Pick five libraries who are ILL Lenders in reQuest and leave that in a note in the record.
3) Under the OCLC information, change the System ID from OCLC to ISO. [Save changes]
4) Then, select [Route] to [To Other Request Processing]

I will then take it from there.

ILLiad and ISO

Remember that email from the University of Tennessee about ISO requests from AGent not downloading into ILLiad?  Well, we had similar problems.  As a matter of fact, Tracy at UT and I are still comparing them.  Thursday morning, reQuesthad 66 Pending.  I sent an email to OCLC ILLiad Support and by mid morning on Friday they had restarted the ISO service and our ISO Manager.  It appears that it was dead in the water all this week (Jan 19-23).  Requests were still getting through as of Friday, Jan 16, though updates were scattered.  I am not sure they all got through.

So far, it appears that we lost only five requests due to aging on the system, since the ILLiad did not send our updates until Friday morning. There may be more errors, I am keeping an eye on them.
IF you notice a day go by without any ISO requests, tell me!  I think we can consider it rare that we would ever not get any.  And I can honestly say that I don’t remember whether we saw any on Tuesday or not.

Processing Recalled for ISO items in ILLiad

I made a discovery today.  We had an item that needed to be recalled that had come in from reQuest.  When I looked at the brief record, I pulled down the [Process] menu and discovered that there was a submenu for [ISO ILL].  This produced a further menu with options such as Lost Item, Recall, Status Request, Cancel Request – Yes, Cancel request – No, Expired Request, and “Send request back to Prior ILLiad Status.”

I did do the recall this way and it did work.  Now I need to check some of the others…..