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Scanning articles using Reserve Room scanner

Before you do anything, make sure you can access the Scandocs folder link that I sent you via email. BOOKMARK it!

1) Scan the document using the instructions I gave you. Once the documents re scanned, they will be put into the ScandocsLibrary folder at that link I sent you.

2) Go back to the ScandocsLibrary link. Your documents will be the at the end of the file. Just keep opening the pdfs until you find them.
3) When you find them, cut and paste them to the S:Access_Services PDFs I-PILL folder. If you do not cut them, delete them from scandocs when you are done.
4) Open ILLiad and find the TN numbers and write them on the hard copy.
5) While in ILLiad, I send the “Emailed PDF” email and do a Manual RECEIVE for OCLC.
6) Go back to the S:Access_Services PDFs I-PILL folder, open the article(s) and rename them to 12345.pdf. (12345=the TN number)
7) Transfer them to the server using Filezilla.
8) Delete them from S:Access_Services PDFs I-PILL.

Awaiting Odyssey Scanning and importing into ILLiad Lending

Things have changed with the upgrade of the new computer in the back room.

When importing an electronic document into Odyssey Lending, change the document to a tiff and save in My Documents. This hasn’t changed.

In ILLiad, we NO LONGER have to change the status back to “In Stacks Searching” status for Odyssey documents. Odyssey is looking for the “Awaiting Odyssey Scanning” status.

The problem we encountered is that sometimes when the document is imported the document information does not populate the field and the [SEND] buttons are grayed out. When this happens, just type in the TN number and hit [Enter]. This should populate the screen and the [SEND] button will appear.