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This 1990 Family Magazine article tells the story of the Saavedra family. It focuses on one of the matriarchs of the family, Inocenica Saavedra. She was 67 at the time that this article was written which would make her 94 today. Inocenica moved from…

Interview of a CCSU student and her mother. The two were asked question about their ethnic background. Mom was born in Jamaica and grew up there. While the daughter was born in USA. The two talked about how they maintain their Jamaican heritage.

Ancestry Results
Oral interview with Heather Rodriquez

Nate: Thank you for sitting down with us today.
Sammy: You're Welcome.
Nate: I asked you how you were doing and did not give you time to answer. How are you doing?
Sammy: I'm doing pretty good.
Nate: All right. Im Nate and this is…

Bill tells us about Willimantic, Hosmer Mountain Soda, the importance of being a progressive, and his feelings as an Anti-War Activist and Vietnam War Veteran

MVI_0109 (1).m4v
Bill Potvin sits down with interviewers Andy Sistrand and Jacob Reyes to talk about Willimantic, Hosmer Mountain Soda, Anti-War Activism as a Vietnam War Veteran, and his family history.

Awilda Interview.mp3
An interview with Awilda Saavedra Reasco where she discusses the objects that she brought for the History Harvest.

An oral history given by Ayamara Yllanes, describing the figurines she brought to the History Harvest and placing them into context.

An oral history given by Carlos Soler describing the item he brought to the History Harvest and contextualizing it.

This collection of artwork and booklets comes from a 5-year-old Latina child named Cayana. The items range from booklets to simple flags.   She completed some of the items when she was 4.  In total, there are 15 items of original artwork. Of the…

Oral interview with Celeste Padua

Wilson Trabal-Figueroa.jpg
An oral interview with Wilson Trabal-Figueroa

MVI_0109 (2).m4v
This is part 3 of Bill Potvin's personal oral history interview. He discusses his family history, Hosmer Mountain Soda, and Willimantic, CT with interviewer Andy and notetaker Jacob.

MVI_0109 (3).m4v
This is Part 4 of Bill Potvin's personal oral history. He discusses being a student in the late 1960s and makes comparisons to being a student today.

Amazonian Shuar Bag
This is an interview with Vanessa Pozo-Luna, Mayra Luna, Kristopher Luna, and Romeo Amari describing their Ecuadorian culture and artifacts.
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