Guests, guest access, digital microfilm machine

If a guest comes in and needs to use the digital microfilm machine in Stack 1, they will need to log in with something like our Blue Net accounts. A guest account was created for them.

Username : LIB095935\guest_user
Password: microfilm123!

Digitized Theses

There are over 120 theses that have been digitized that have not been officially “cataloged”. For ILL purposes, when we get a request for a theses or dissertation, we then check the book to see if we it’s available online or if we have permission to send a copy.

IF you find a thesis that has been digitized, but due to it’s age or the author’s choice it is not available online we do have access to the scanned digital file which will save us from scanning it again. Look on S:\\Theses. They are all there by thesis number.

Once the theses have been cataloged, they will come up full text but if there are restrictions,the file will only be able to be viewed here in the library. We will then be able to grab the file from there.

Curr Lab textbooks no longer being sent through ILL

Curriculum Lab textbooks are a pain. They are MULTI-volume sets, and when we ship them it is hard to pack them, and because there are so many pieces, they rattle around in the bags or boxes and then get lost when what we mail them in opens enroute. Or we have some pieces come back but not all, or I have to argue with homeschooling Mom’s who want to buy them, etc…the laundry list of problems goes on and on.

Barb and I have decided that these items are specialized enough that they should circulate here to our patrons, but not leave through traditonal ILL. The one problem I foresee will be the Connecticut public libraries which will be upset, but their patrons can come and apply to be Guest Borrowers and take them out that way.

I am debating about whether or not to just say Not on Shelf, or to actually get a note in the OPAC on each title of the 300+ titles. So for now, NOS….

Here is an example:

Author Hall, Nancy

Title Explode the code / Nancy Hall, Rena Price
Publisher Cambridge, Mass. : Educators Publishing Service, 1976-1986

CCSU Curr Lab C C5 EPS H178e Bk.1

C-Car update, sorting and scanners

So, back in June we were told to sort items. It seems that depending on which route we are on, depends on the answer. Since we are on Route A, Avant Services prefers that we DO NOT sort the books.

Also, back during the summer, they installed at barcode by the gray bin. I was told at Tuesday’s meeting that as of this week, September 23rd, all A Route drivers have the scanners to use with it. So, to allow for training, we should begin to see our guy using the scanner in the next few weeks. Let’s all keep watch.

C-Car Updates (Effective July 1, 2013)

The following changes are being made to how we ship C-car materials:

1. Please put all material being sent to Route A libraries in a separate tub from those being sent to Route B libraries. Each tub is properly labeled. This will help with the sorting once the books get to the shipping facility. 

 2. Please ship the ILL Returns separately from the ILL Requests for each library. For instance, if you have a bunch of ILL Requests and ILL Returns from the New Britain Public Library, please ship them to New Britain Public separately rather than combine them like we’ve done in the past.

Also, here are a couple of reminders from our state library colleagues:

1. Please make sure all flat materials (i.e. microfilm, thin books) are placed on top of cardboard for protection when shipping.

2. Please make sure all media or fragile materials are placed in a padded or bubble envelope when shipping.

3. No staples or tape, please!

4. Please make sure to mark the correct transaction type (i.e. ILL Return vs. ILL Request) on the routing slip before putting the item in the correct bin.

Looking up Lending articles in ILLiad

Sarah noticed something peculiar today, so this brought me to set down in writing the hierarchy of where to look to see if we can send an article full text.

1) Check the Knowledge Base. To do this, use the Collections Tab. If links appear and say YES…click the link to get to the PDF file.

If the KB says NO….

2) Check the Innovative Addon and check the “About Resourse” tab for the title. If it says ILL permitted, proceed to the Citation Linker tab to see if we have the article in full text.
3) If the answer to all is NO…we need to see if we have it in print and get it pulled from the stacks.

Installing and Upgrading ILLiad Addons

1) Kim downloads the Addon from the Atlas website to: I://ILLiadSetp/ILLiad8/Addons
2) Go there, copy the Addon to: C://ProgramFiles/ILLiad/Addons
3) Open ILLiad, select System tab at the top.
4) Select Manage Addons. Make sure that the addon is either there, or that the version has changed.
5) Make any changes that needed.

Canadian Theses (NLC)

We just received word that the National Library of Canada is no longer doing interlibrary loans out of Canada.  Very sad news.

We have on occasion received requests for Canadian theses and dissertations.  To locate them, check out the following website: Theses Canada Portal  This website will give instructions on searching the catalog and ordering the items.



Requests for tests from HaPI

We many times will get requests for specific tests from the database HaPI, Health and Psychosocial Instruments. On rare occasions these are easy to find. But usually they are very difficult.

Sometimes you can find a journal article that has the test embedded in it, other times, it is only available for purchase. Google Scholar, PsychInfo will work to possibly locate the test within an article. But, when all else fails, Reference has some indexes that might work, but many times when the student finds out that we cannot locate what they need, they will go to Reference and pick out a test from some materials they have up there.

ILLiad Addons

Thanks to Norm, I am now able to add and change the Addons in ILLiad. He also gave all computers full admin privileges for all the computers that run ILLiad.

Way back when I first installed the SFX linker, Debbie told me that she thought that the Citation Linker might work better. I installed it today, but I don’t think we have the correct URL. So, we are working on that.

I have fixed all the Innovative links to show: and not the public library. The computers all have OCLC’s Article Exchange on it too.