Items that no longer circulate through ILL

***IF we add titles to this list, be sure to tell Dana. She can code the MARC record, so that the items cannot be requested through OCLC.*** This will not work in reQuest.

1) Charley Harper
2) Katyn – DVD
3) I was born, but….. DVD
4) Il gattopardo, Luchino Visconti – DVD
5) The red book = Liber novus, Carl Jung
6) Allure – Diana Vreeland

Restoring Missing folders on M or S drive

1) Go to My Computer
2) Choose the correct drive (for example, S)
3) On the left hand side of screen, under “File and Folder Tasks”, choose ‘view previous versions’.
4) Starting with the top version, click ‘VIEW’.
5) Keep doing this until you find the most recent version that contains the folder(s) you are missing.
6) The quickest way to restore the missing folder(s) is to copy and paste them on the drive they disappeared from.

NOTE: DO NOT chose “RESTORE”, unless you need to. This will REPLACE the contents of the entire DRIVE.

Adobe Reader X (10) glitches

Thanks to Sarah who first spotted the problem and Debbie who found a quick fix:

We have verified with ScienceDirect that there is a small glitch with downloading/saving ScienceDirect PDF files and Adobe Reader X (10). Adobe Reader X experiences a glitch when you open the article directly from ScienceDirect into Adobe Reader, with a LEFT CLICK of your mouse. This sometimes renders the Adobe Reader X toolbar nonfunctional, so you cannot use the icons to download, save or print the article. Please use this workaround instead and bypass the Adobe Reader X frame.
Using your mouse — RIGHT CLICK the PDF file link……this will open a drop down menu that will have the option to ‘Save Link As’ or ‘Save Target As’ depending on which browser you are using. This will then prompt you to save the article to a common file on your hard drive. After you click ‘Save’ from the window that opens, you can then go back to the file and open the PDF you have saved.

Knowlege Base for Articles has been turned on!

The World Cat Knowledge Base for articles has been turned on!!! Now, I need to remember to check the statistics.

Loaning of Polish Microfilm

In past years we used to get many loan requests for our Polish Microfilm collection. This is the only collection of microfilm that we have permission to loan up to three rolls per loan. We do not have to ask Special Collections, just send it.

Wireless information

From Norm:
Here are the steps for using Guest Access:

After their laptop has booted up, they should go to…

Control Panel…
Network Connection…
Wireless Network Connection…

From there, a screen will appear, prompting them to “Choose a Wireless Network”. They should see 3 Networks (Voyager, Students, CCSU Secure). They should choose the Voyager network, which will include the “Guest Access” option. The down side is that Voyager network is not as secure as the other 2, which, I suppose, is why it can allow Guest Access. Anyway, once they are connected to the Voyager network, they can open a browser. The browser should take them to the “Cisco Clean Access Authentication” screen. In this screen, below the Username/Password prompts, is the “Provider” box. When they click on this, “Guest Access” is one of the options. The username/password is “guest/guest”. From here, they may be prompted to update (via download) their Security software, which could take some time, so it’s a good idea to update it as often as possible.

Laptop information

From Norm:

I just want to pass along some info, concerning laptops and help for students.

First, the library’s 2 laptops now have Lojack installed.  So, if either one of them is lost or stolen, we can report it to IT and the Police should be able to track it.

Wireless “Guest Access” is only available through the Voyager option and only for the same email address for a 24-hour period (cumulative, not consecutive).  This was a puzzler, since sometimes I’d see it and other times it wouldn’t be there.   If students need help with their laptops (wireless access, hardware or software issues), they can visit the Walk-In Support Center, in Barrows Residence Hall, Room 005.  No appointment necessary. Currently, their schedule is Monday-Thursday, 9 to 4.  Their schedule may change during the Summer session.   A similar Walk-In Support Center  is available for staff, but only for campus-owned equipment and applications.  This “Face-to-Face” support is available in Henry Barnard, Room 020.  No appointment necessary.   Below is their home page.  From there, you can click on the link  IT Walk-In Support Policy to get more details about the help they offer. 

If you have any questions about any of this, let me know.   -Norm

New list of items that no longer circulate through ILL

1) Charley Harper
2) Katyn – DVD
3) I was born, but….. DVD
4) Il gattopardo, Luchino Visconti – DVD
5) The red book = Liber novus, Carl Jung
6) Allure – Diana Vreeland

British Theses

In the old days, it was virtually impossible to gain access to any thesis or dissertation that was granted at an institution in the United Kingdom. Things have changed.

Today, we had a request for a dissertation from the University of Bath. When we attempted to order it directly from the British Library (BRI) we received a message to order it through EThOS.

As I looked deeper, I discovered that EThOS is the new Electronic Theses Online Service from the British Library. I created an account using the ILL office email, the password is: tempest. When I located the item, and clicked on the link for it. Then clicked on “Choose Pricing/Delivery” button and I found out that it was a free download. Wow! So, I downloaded it and delivered it to our patron through Filezilla.

I gave Angie a printout of the main screen for you all to put in your books. Something new!

When the scanner and BScan just won’t work

Sometimes, nothing will make the scanner cooperate. When this happens, this is what I would suggest doing.

Shut down the computer and then reboot it, but don’t open any programs.

To completely shut down the scanner, there is a toggle switch on the back right side of the scanner. Turn it off. Wait 10 seconds.

Turn the toggle switch back on and wait 10 more seconds.

Turn on the green button on the front of the machine and wait 10 more seconds.

Reopen BScan. If there is anything in there, delete it by clicking “New Session”. Reopen Ariel.

If the scanner bulbs are not quite a full, calibrate the scanner.

Hope this helps, Kim