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Finals Paws – Therapy Dogs 12/2&3

Finals Paws – Therapy Dogs

Come to the second floor of Burritt Library before finals start and meet some of our furry friends:

Tuesday, December 2:
5:00-6:00 pm, Gracie, the Great Pyrenees/Golden mix!

Wednesday, December 3:
4:30-5:15 pm, Angus, the Belgian Tervuren!
5:30-6:30 pm, Jesse, the Black Lab!

2015 Undergraduate Library Research Award

Elihu Burritt Library is pleased to announce the 2015 Undergraduate Library Research award. This award recognizes excellence in undergraduate research papers/projects as well as skill and creativity in the application of library services, resources and collections. Two prizes of $350 will be awarded during the 2015 spring semester at the Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day (URCAD). One prize will be award to a senior thesis and the other will be awarded to a paper/project from any class/year if applicable.

To be eligible, applicants must:
• Be enrolled during the spring 2015 semester as a Central Connecticut State University undergraduate at any class level or discipline/major.
• Have completed their research paper or project for a credit course during the spring, summer, or fall semesters in 2014.
• Agree that the paper or project and application materials will become property of Elihu Burritt Library and may be publicly displayed in the library and/or library website.

For more information and the student application please visit: You may also contact Susan Slaga-Metivier at

Summer Travels? Practice a new language with Mango Languages!

*To access Mango Languages, click on the databases tab toward the top right of the library’s website. Then click on M from the A-Z list and click on Mango Languages. (If you are off campus you will be prompted for your Pipeline username and password.)

Mango is an online language learning system teaching practical conversation skills for a wide variety of popular languages, such as Spanish, German, French, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and many others. The first time you use Mango you may want to set up a personal profile. This will allow you to keep track of your learning progress and re-enter the program where you left off. If you just want to explore first, use the “START LEARNING” button.

Finals Paws – Therapy Dogs!

Come to the second floor of Burritt Library before finals start to destress and meet some of our furry friends:


Tuesday, April 29:

3:00-4:30 pm, Coco and Betty the Papillions!coco1

4:00-5:15 pm, Angus the Belgian Tervuren!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Wednesday, April 30:


4:30-5:30 pm, Jesse the Black Lab!


5:00-6:00 pm, Gracie the Great Pyrenees mix!

Need help citing sources?

Click on the Citing sources (APA & MLA) link on the library’s website under Research Help or go to You can also ask at the Reference desk on the third floor of the library.

CREDO Reference – Not Wikipedia!


Do you want to use reliable encyclopedias and other reference sources? Try Credo Reference!

Search a vast collection of more than 560 full-text reference titles from over 80 publishers covering all subject areas. Images and video are also included.

Click on the Articles & Databases tab at the top of the library’s website,  then click on C for Credo and then page down and click on Credo Reference.  If you are off campus, you are required to enter in your Bluenet ID and password.

Questions? Contact the reference desk at 860-832-2060.

Finals Paws Therapy Dogs, Monday, 4/29, 4pm & 5pm



Finals Paws

Therapy Dogs for Stress Relief

Join us on the 2nd floor of the Burritt Library for the great therapeutic effects of petting puppies!

We will have four trained therapy dogs visit us and help ease the stresses of final exams.

Meet the whole line-up: 

Thursday, April 25th

3 p.m.: Gracie the Great Pyrenees!

5 p.m.: Jesse the Black Lab!

 Monday, April 29th

4 p.m.: Angus the Belgian Tervuren

5 p.m.: Coco Chanel the Papillion!

Jessie Therapy dog

Gale Digital Collections Trial (historical and primary sources)

We have a new trial database –  Gale Digital CollectionsWe will have access to these collections until February 28, 2013.  The collections contain a wide variety of historical items and primary source material.

“Gale Digital Collections makes rare, previously impossible-to-access printed matter viewable in a digital format. From the 1100s to the 2000s; from the Wild West to the Far East; from culture and business, to politics and war, to religion and government.”

To access them from the library’s website, click on the Articles & Databases tab (top right), click on G from the alphabetical listing, then click on Gale Digital Collections. (You will need to log in with your Pipeline username and password from off campus.)