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Online Textbooks

Online Textbooks:

During the current coronavirus crisis, students and faculty will be able to access textbooks online at no cost through the two platforms below. Each person needs to set up their own account at these sites.

  1. VitalSource access will be available through May 25th. Their textbook listing is visible at: For more information, please go to or to the FAQ at . Students are limited to 7 books total. Books can be downloaded. (This applies to e-Books only, not courseware.)
  2. RedShelf access is available through May 25th. Redshelf’s textbooks collections can be searched at: Students are limited to 7 books total. There are more details at: (This applies to e-Books only, not courseware. )

Contact Kristin D’Amato or Susan Slaga-Metivier during regular hours with additional questions (M-F, 9-5).