Library Workshops that are 30 minutes long on topics you need to succeed! Come in-person or join us online via Webex! Workshops will take place in EB 205 at 4 p.m. or online via the links listed in the workshop description.

Each workshop you register for and attend will give you a chance at winning an Amazon gift card at the end of the semester!

Register here:


Ready – Set – Research! (Wednesday, September 22) An introduction to the library’s website, resources and services. Learn how to find reliable information for papers and other assignments. Join online

Supercharge your Search (Wednesday, September 29) Explore some of the bells and whistles of database searching (such as setting up folders and research alerts) and Google Scholar, while considering the advantages of alternative search engines. Join online


Mendeley (Citation Management) Workshop (Wednesday, October 6) Quick tips for using the Mendeley citation management system to store, annotate and cite sources. Attend this workshop before beginning research to learn how to use this system’s citation creation tools
for both in-text citations and bibliographies for most academic writing styles. Join online
Zotero (Citation Management) Workshop
(Wednesday, October 13) Find out how Zotero can help you organize and keep track of your sources, collaborate with others, and create citations in any format. This workshop will demonstrate how to use Zotero online and in the Zotero app, and will show how it can integrate with Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Join online
What does this Meme?
(Wednesday, October 20) Learn about how to debunk memes from everyday life in order to catch misinformation. Attending this workshop will give you some tools on how to be a critical information consumer both in and outside of school. Join online


In Pursuit of Truth (Wednesday, November 10) Join librarians to discuss the impact of search engine algorithms, the digital divide and filter bubbles on academic research and our search for information we can trust. Join online
Citation Review (MLA/APA) (Wednesday, November 17) We’ll provide a refresher and answer questions on both MLA and APA citation formats. The first half of the session (4:00-4:15) will cover MLA and the second half (4:15-4:30) will cover APA. Join online