Granting Visiting Scholars or Guest scholar access to Primo

Access Services Librarian creates an external account in ALMA for the Visiting scholar/guest.   *Be sure to add the Identifier, using ‘University Id’ and the part of the email address of the user that comes before the @ sign. *  

  • The ID number on the Blue Chip card will probably start with a 4, not a 3.
  • FYI: They do this for vendors.

The Department should have contacted IT to get the person a computer, email account, and such.  Donna Stevenson has created an exception table for the Active Directory which should have the person added and uploaded to MS Azure.

Once this happens, the visiting scholar and any guest scholars should be able to access the system remotely. 

ALTERNATE way: (No remote access to databases)

From Irena:  Simply create an internal account for him in Alma (the same way I have an internal account which was moved from Consuls, and is an internal account now in Alma – 00000250. Also, give the user the roles he should have.)Create it with username and password per your (or the user’s) choice. This will let him check out books from Alma. Then when he needs to access Primo, I believe that he will be asked to login, but there are 2 choices: Login as CCSU user (with your ccsu email and password) and Login as guest (using your library card). I just tested by clicking on the second option, and entered my internal ID (00000250) and password and it worked fine. I do not authenticate against ccsu AD.