Daily Stripping of Current Periodicals

(Note: Current Newspapers Are NOT Stripped. Only Current Magazines and Journals Are Stripped.)

1. Once you receive the magazines and journals from Serials, you will strip every 5-7 items. We do this to prevent patrons from simply walking away with the items, but it is not necessary to strip every magazine or journal that you get.

2. To strip the item, open the magazine or journal half-way.

3. Take a strip or tattle-tape (located behind Alberto’s desk) and pull off the shorter, darker green flap with the white adhesive. This will go towards the spine on the far left side of the page.

4. Place the white adhesive part of the strip on the far left side of the page and press gently (DON’T remove the other flap yet).

5. Once it has stuck to the page, carefully remove the longer, lighter green flap to expose the metal detection part of the security strip (NOTE: Please do NOT directly touch this metal part. It cuts the skin pretty deeply!).

6. Close the periodical and press the item down at the spine. You may look back at the page where you put the strip to make sure the strip has stuck to both pages and isn’t exposed.