On April 29, 2022, I have an email from Carl telling me that Provost Kostelis had given us permission to go FINE FREE.  For some reason, I never sent you all an email telling you when I had gone into Alma and made the changes, but what I do remember that I did not do it immediately.   So, I don’t have an exact date of when the change was made.

I am reasonably sure it was done by May 15, 2022.  I thought change was working, but evidently, it has not been working properly.  At that time, I configured it the way all the Faculty/Staff TOU’s are configured and I am really surprised that it didn’t work the same, but evidently, there has been an update and it needed tweaking. 

TODAY:  I made two configuration changes.  I am cc’ing Dana, because she has access to the Configuration, because I want her to know understand what I did. 

Change to All LOAN Terms of Use that charged fines:  

In the Maximum FINE field: (created new policy, see below)  Alma Knowledge base:  last sentence is the clue.

And because I don’t trust anything:  In case the above change doesn’t fix it, I create this new policy in OVERDUE FINE: 

The ORIGINAL SETTINGS on all these TOU’s

UPDATE: 9/30/2023: I was able to check out a calculator to student and when it was a day overdue, it had NOT accrued any overdue fines. Maybe it’s fixed? I can’t guarantee that.

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