Circulation Desk/Building Closing Procedures

  1. Verify all eight emergency exit doors in the corner stairwells are locked, latched (press on the door, not the breaker bar, to test), and alarm indicators in each door are flashing red. If not, reset with the alarm key.
  2. Record 9:30 PM Gate Count (8:30 PM on Sundays; hour prior to closing). Also, do the Final Patron Count at 9:40 PM.
  3. Forty-five minutes before closing, make the first announcement. 
  4. (On Sunday-Thursday) Ask a student to band all the items going to other consortia universities/colleges (ECSU, SCSU, WCSU, CSL, and community colleges) and put them in the DAS Courier pick-up location.
  5. Thirty minutes before closing, make the second announcement.
  6. Ask a student to clear the 3rd and 4th  floors as well as Stacks 3-8 by letting patrons politely know we’re closing in fifteen minutes and encouraging them to leave.
  7. Lock the iPad in the file cabinet in the workroom closet.
  8. Secure the Handicapped Entrance Door by following the instructions for the Handicapped Entrance Panel located near Jaime’s Office. If the outside ADA paddle is not turned off, the building is not secured.
  9. Twenty minutes before closing, ask a student to lock the three outside doors of the main entrance with the large gold-colored key in the drawer underneath the register; there’s no need to lock any other doors.
  10. Fifteen minutes before closing, make the final announcement.
  11. Log off or simply restart all staff use computers, including the student computer in Room 104. Leave printers on.
  12. Turn the TV near the elevators off with the remote, which is located in the drawer on the left side of the circulation desk near the computer on the low-level table. Just point the remote toward the TV and push the “Power” button to turn it off. The monitor by the front door is set by timer.
  13. Place large orange “Library Services Start At 8:00 AM” signs on the desk facing Starbucks and the reading area.
  14. Advance the date due stamps for the next day.
  15. Check that all office doors, including the circulation desk area and workroom doors, are closed and locked before leaving the building.
  16. During regular semester hours (Sunday 9:45 PM and Monday-Thursday 10:45 PM), turn off all the lights to the building EXCEPT on Fridays using the light switches in the staff exit; if needed, the key in the drawer underneath the register will open the cover.
  17. Once all the floors are clear and all patrons have left, record the final Gate Count. Then you can leave.
  18. Check that all three outside front entrance doors are locked when leaving the building. Test the Handicapped Entrance Door by making sure it doesn’t open when the paddle is pushed. NOTE: If any of the doors remain unlocked after locking them or there are any issues with the Handicapped Door, call Campus Police at 2-2375 and e-mail Kimberly (CC Access Services Librarian) about it. 

Any problems, don’t hesitate to call Campus Police at 2-2375!

Closing Announcements

To dial into the PA system, use the Circulation Desk phone and dial ext. 4-2017. Hold the phone an inch or so away from you. Speak in a normal voice; no need to speak loudly. Wait for the beep.
45 minutes Before Closing:
Attention library patrons. The library will be closing in 30 minutes and all services will end.  Thank you.
30 minutes Before Closing:
Attention library patrons. The library will be closing in 15 minutes and all services will end. If you have any materials that need to be charged out, please bring them to the Circulation Desk now. Thank you.
15 minutes Before Closing:
Attention library patrons. The library is now closed and all services have ended. Thank you.
Early Closing Due to Weather:
Attention library patrons. Due to adverse weather conditions and classes being canceled for the rest of the day, the library will be closing at _____ PM. Thank You.

5/31/2022 DBW


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