ALMA printing of bills

This is a screenshot of how printing is set up in ALMA as of October 2022:

The next step: below is the process in ALMA to run and print the bill for replacements (BFR):  

In Alma Configuration/Fulfillment/OVERDUE LOST LOAN PROFILE and we have three profiles that we manually run weekly:  Students/Guests/Course Reserves. If this process fails, check this link.

Leave Configuration and go back to ALMA, select ADMIN from the left side menu and PRINTOUTS Queue

From the Printouts Queue, manually print out each bill.

Bill in Banner, mail bills to students.

All staff must have the Print Queue Operator Role, to use the Access Services Print Queue if needed. 

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Alma Printing of Bills (backup procedure)

Here are the steps to find who had bills generated when Alma printing FAILS:

  • Go to Alma/Configuration/Fulfillment
  • Select Physical Fulfillment/Overdue and Lost Loan Profiles (this is where you manually run these bills)
  • Click on VIEW OVERDUE AND LOST LOAN Jobs button in upper right
  • Find the correct job, click on ellipse, select VIEW
    • This report gives you the number of loans processed, the number that failed/succeeded to be changed, et.
  • Click arrow on the right of the selection:  Change to Lost Profile
  • Click on ellipse, select View Succeeded Records
  • Click the Changed to Lost link to find the list of patrons, with their ID numbers.
  • Then go back into Alma Fulfillment and print the lists of Loans for each patron.
  • Generate the bills in Banner as normal, etc.

Do this for all categories that fail to print.

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LALCC no longer a Closed Collection

As of November 9th, the LALCC collection changed from a closed collection to a normally circulating collection.

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Books in CLOSED Collections

A closed collection does not normally circulate. For example, Reference, Ready Reference or the LALCC (Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Center). Basically, these materials can be used in the library, but on rare occasions, they are allowed to loaned out of the building. All material can be used in the library.

For Reference/Ready Reference, one of the Reference staff will most likely be with the faculty member. When it is from the LALCC, Dr. Mary Ann Mahony will tell us if we can check the material out.

Guests must use the material in the library and return it to the Circulation desk when they are done with it.

When the item is checked out: A pop up box will alert you that the book is from a restricted or closed collection, BUT you should have an OVERRIDE button. Click that and check the book out. The due date will be the date of checkout. Overdues will run at the 28/56 days overdue, with the bill for replacement appearing at 90 days overdue.

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Power Failure & door alarms

As we know, whenever we have a power failure, we can sometimes hear the door alarms on the first floor going off and we will need to re-alarm them. We should always just double-check them just in case to be sure that the lights are blinking properly because sometimes the door alarms don’t sound, they just turn off.

Today, I did an audible check of the doors in the back of the Stacks, since Jose mentioned that we were having a problem with the alarm in Stack 7. Dave and I did a check back in the winter, so I figured it was time again. Today, I found Stack 5, 3, 2, and 1 alarms off. It occurred to me that given the numerous power failures we have had recently, this might be turning the alarms off.

If we have a power outage while we are here, or find out that we had one while we were closed, we should check the doors down here, but also do a run from Stack 8 down to be sure the doors are alarmed. There is a separate key in the key box for the Stack alarms. Be sure to wear earplugs when you do it and warn any students/staff on the stack level.

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Evening Procedures Prior to Closing

These are all tasks that should be done at least once per shift, some time during the evening shift. All can be done before formal desk closing procedures start

Securing the Building

  • At least once per shift in the late afternoon or evening, make sure emergency exit doors at the corner stairwells are latched and alarms are on; otherwise the building is not secured.

    Do this by pressing on the door, not the breaker bar (pressing the breaker bar will set off the alarm), and verifying that each door’s breaker bar light is blinking red slowly. You must check each of the eight doors.

    If a door is not latched, pull it shut. If a door’s alarm isn’t as expected—that is, if a light is off, if it’s on but solid red, or if it’s quickly flashing red, or if you hear a door’s lock shutting off and on at regular intervals—reset it using the Alarm key in the key box.
  • Check the class schedules for each weekday evening. After 9:00PM, most classes have ended. If classrooms are not in use, check to be sure the projectors are off, then pull the doors shut.


  • Check Exterior Book Drop (next to the Staff Entrance/Exit)
  • Check public printers on Floors 1, 2, and 4.
    • Check each printer’s screen for any problems, particularly ⚠️ or a flashing red LED, which may indicate the following:
      • Clear any jams. These may be just above the paper trays or anywhere in the paper’s path.
      • Clear any jobs in memory that formatted to non-letter-sized paper (e.g., legal, A4, etc.). They won’t print and will prevent other jobs from being printed by that printed until they are cleared.
    • Paper trays should be between ¾ full and full.
      • Be careful not to overfill as this will cause some printers jam.
      • Paper is on the second floor but not the 4th floor.
    • Check toner/ink level; when it is at or below 25%, check the Stack 7 Supplies Room shelves to see if there is a replacement cartridge ready. If not, make sure Kimberly is aware in time to order replacement cartridges (and when you take a box of paper or new cartridge from Stack 7 supplies room, remember to notify Kimberly)
    • Write down any error messages or codes on the display panels for issues you cannot address, and notify Kimberly, who will contact IT.
  • Check staplers near Circulation and refill if necessary
  • Straighten 1st floor furniture

Recording and Reporting Usage

  • Remember to train student workers to record questions they get in LibGuides
  • Record microfilm/fiche/card use and then refile materials returned to the top of the cabinet in Stack 1. Try to do this after the genealogy people have left for the day, usually by around 9:00PM weeknights.
  • Update gate count and patron count data spreadsheet (Kim will provide further details on this)

Desk Operations

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How to Add a Printer

An old PC has just been replaced by a newer one, and/or you’ve logged into a PC that you’ve never used before using your CCSU credentials. Now you need to print something and…there’s that useless Fax printer again! Where’s 1347?

The easiest way I stumbled across to add a printer is to open a web browser and hit <Ctrl P> or File | Print. This opens the print dialog box and presents the page to print as a pdf:

Click on the “Print using the system dialog…

As of May 2022, this gives you access to the selection tool which allows you to search and sort printers, unlike the clunkier Windows 10 UI that forces you to scroll through every blessed printer on campus.

When the dialog box opens up, click Find Printer…:

You’ll get the full list of printers on campus, except you can search and sort:

You’re probably looking for printers in EB, so you can enter. You could also sort by location and then scroll down to EB:

You can then scroll through the list, but if you’re at the Circ Desk, you can already see the printer you’re most likely to need, 1458. If that’s not the printer you need, scroll down the list until you find the one you’re looking for:

Assuming you want to add 1458, go ahead and click on 1458 and then click OK.

Two other notes:
1. There are other ways to find and add printers, this is only one of the easier ways
2. This is a per-account, per-PC setting. That means every account on this PC that needs the printer (remember student worker accounts) will need to log in on this PC to add this printer. Also, even though you add the printer to one PC you work one using your own CCSU Blue Net credentials, if you work on other PCs, you’ll need to add this there as well. I guarantee you’ll remember this the first time you try to print something.

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How to enable Quick Print in Alma

For most of my time at Burritt, we’ve been printing item requests, aka “Resource Request Slip Letters”, using PrinterOn. And when we have done this, items print only to PRN-001347 in Room 104.

However, when we were teleworking during the COVID-19 pandemic, printing to a printer as much as 100 miles from where we actually were wasn’t an option. And since December 2021 PrinterOn hasn’t been working for us. The workaround is

  1. Enable Quick Print in your Alma account,
  2. Add the printer(s) you need to your CCSU Windows account, on each PC you use.

To enable Quick Print, log into your Alma account. Typically you already are logged in, are trying to print something, and by the time you’re reading this you’ve finished swearing at Alma for the moment and just need to get back to work.

In the upper right corner, click the Choose Location icon:

This side menu will pop out (Please note this screen shot was taken in May 2022; exact behavior & appearance may change over time):

Check the “Enable quick printing” box, and then click the drop-down printer item to select PRN-001347 instead of Access Services Print Queue:

You can now close the Location box by clicking on the upper right X. Your changes will save automatically.

Now when you print a request, you’ll go through the same steps as you previously did–in the example of printing request slips, you select the items to print, and then click Print Slips–except, instead of printing the slips, the browser opens a PDF viewer and you print from its dialog box.

If you’re stuck at the Circulation Desk, you may wish to print to another printer such as PRN-001458. If that is the case, see How to Add a Printer to Your CCSU Windows Account.

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Cancelling a Recall and Placing a Consortial Request

A student brought a book back that she still needed, but had been recalled by another student. Rather than accept the return in this scenario, if there are other copies of the book in the CSCU Consortium, you can cancel the recall request and replace it with a consortial request for the second person who needs it. You’ll need the ID number of the person who placed the recall and the book title. Here’s how:

In Alma, do an ALL TITLE search for the book in the NETWORK Zone, find the record that has multiple holdings (including CCSU’s), and create a request for the second requester (the person who recalled the item). Once that is sent, cancel the first request and in this case, do NOT notify the requester. They won’t care where the item comes from, when all is said and done.

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Returning Course Reserves to FACULTY members

Faculty frequently come in and ask to take their personally owned copies off Course Reserves. If one asks you to do this while you are at the desk, Jaime needs to be told about it so that he can edit the course record and reading list in ALMA.

If Jaime is in, have him come out to the desk.

If he is busy, record all of the barcode numbers and give it to him, telling him who the faculty member is and what course it is for.

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