Daily Shelving of Current Periodicals

1. Alphabetize the current periodicals by title that you do receive so they’re easier to shelve (remember that JAMA is shelved under “A” for American Medical Association Journal!). If you receive more than one issue or volume of a certain periodical, just arrange them from most recent to least recent.

2. If you’re starting with the newspapers, you want to put the most current issues on the 1st floor revolving newspaper rack. All of them are arranged in alphabetical order by title.

3. When placing the newspapers in their respective slots, please make sure you put them in order from most recent to least recent.

4. If the newspaper slot is full, you can put the older back-issues on the table on the right side of the newspaper rack. They’re also alphabetized by title from most recent to least recent.

(NOTE: In the middle of every month, specific older issues are removed and withdrawn or recycled. An updated version of the Newspaper Removal Schedule is available on the wiki.)

5.  To shelve the current magazines and journals, shelve them alphabetically by title on the 4th floor. Most of the titles are on  hanging shelves. Put the most current issue on the shelf facing you and the other least current issue(s) underneath the most current issue by carefully lifting the shelf. The issues underneath the shelf go from most recent to least recent.

(NOTE: Some periodicals have more than one pile due to the publishing frequency. Please make sure you’re putting an issue on the correct pile to reduce patron confusion.)

7.  For those titles that do not have hanging shelves, put the most current issue(s) on top of the pile. The pile should be arranged from most recent to least recent.