Elihu Burritt Library KwikBoost Charging Locker Policy

Your device, your responsibility! User responsibility includes choosing locker and combination, recording selected locker and combination, and retrieving item promptly for the courtesy of other users.

  • Charging lockers are on a first-come-first-served basis and have a three hour time limit.
  • The Burritt Library assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items. Use at own risk.
  • Please silence your device prior to placing it in the locker.
  • The only charging cables available are the ones inside the lockers. The library does not provide adapters or additional cables.
  • Items left in lockers for longer than 3 calendar days will be considered abandoned and turned over to Public Safety.
  • Any item requiring staff assistance to reclaim will necessitate a proof of ownership test conducted by a full- or part-time employee only (AAUP, A&R, AFSCME). You must show your ID and have the PIN to access the device, as well as sign a receipt for receiving the device.
  • Charging lockers are to be used for charging electronic items only. Items that are not electronic of nature will be discarded or, if of value, turned over to CCSU Police as a Lost and Found item.