Circulation Statistics

Part 1:

To run the monthly useage statistics for Access Services you need to use the old III CONSULS.


  1. Type M for management
  2. Type C for circulation statistics
  3. Set initials
  4. Type C for check out activity
  5. Type L for last month’s activity
  6. Type P for one report for Central

Then follow the following sequence and print a report for each:







Then quit back to step four where instead of choosing C for check out activity, you will select N for renewal activity

Then type L for last month’s activity

type P for one report for Central

and print a report for 8) LOCATION

Part 2:

Filling out the Monthly Statistical Report Form

Circulation Transactions:

General Collection – enter the total number of circulated items which can be found on the reports run on part 1. The total can be found on any page at the bottom. Just make sure you are looking at the current year because it compares to previous months and years.

Add to this total the total number of renewals which is the last page of the above reports.

Reserve Collection – This information will be provided by Reserve Room staff. Enter total number of items circulated. Then on the side make a notation for how many were electronic and traditional.

CONSULS Document Delivery:

This information is provided by Sarah. It is simply transferring the numbers to reflect how many of our items went to each campus and how many came to Central from each of the other locations.

Reference Transactions:

This information comes from gathering the sheets from the Patron Question Statistics that we track daily. The sheets need updating, but in the reference question section this should be the number of Directional questions. In the directional questions this should be the all others questions. (You see the need for this to updated now…)

We have started to keep track of how many materials circulated for the Curriculum Lab, Government Documents, Polish Heritage, and the Italian Resource Center. For now, just make notations on the bottom of the stats form.

This information can be extracted on the report for location. For the curriculum lab, you will need to add each separate location to get the total (curr lab aid, curr lab C, curr lab J, etc).

Don’t forget to add the number of renewals to the total number of check outs.

Part 3:

Once all of this is compiled, you need to transfer this information to the s: drive. From the Access Services folder, find the monthly stats folder.

Enter in all of the information from part 2 under the correct month in the Excel spreadsheet.

Save updates when finished!

Part 5:

Almost done! Staple each report and the patron question sheets together. You will probably need the heavy duty stapler in the back office of ILL.

Put this with the other monthly reports that Sarah has or leave on her desk.

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