Circulation Statistics

Spreadsheet available at: Teams: Library-General/Access Services/Monthly Stats DRAFT FY

Jaime is responsible for running the Circulation Statistics, lines 5-11

  • General Collection
  • Reserve Collection
  • Reserves (Digital)
  • Renewals
  • In House Use
  • TOTAL CIRCULATION totals automatically: General and Reserve Collection only.

Alyssa is responsible for running the following:

  • Materials pulled from stacks for CCSU patrons
  • CSCU Consortium Resource Sharing (These numbers should be transferred to the ILL Monthly spreadsheet)
  • LibAnswers/Ref Analytics
  • Circulation by Patron Type

All monthly sheets automatically populate the annual sheet. I was asked to include the prior fiscal year many years ago, and continue to do so.

Circulation Breakdown by collection lines: 36-42 and Curriculum Lab locations, Lines: 77-95 populate automatically. LALCC will need to be added to the monthly sheets at some point, along with CSCU BORROWING Resource Sharing.

Notes are available on each line with directions to the ALMA Analytic query and directions on how to interpret the data.

October 4, 2023 – KF

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