Bad Debt Expense Report

From the Hyperion Reports:  January 2019

This report can be isolated by looking at the TERM.  IF they are OLD, it is the BAD DEBT EXPENSE Report. The BURSAR does not expect payment on these fines/fees. In BANNER, the Description will read:  Bad Debt Expense

1)  Pull Paperwork from Blue Books

  • GUEST BORROWERS—remember to record info on the application card and/or staple to card

2)  BFR’s —Give to Jaime to have students check shelf for item

3) ORDERING THE BOOKS:   Money released at the end of September.  IF Replacement money is not spent we will LOSE IT.

4) BOOKS that have reappeared

  • Check in
  • In Banner:  Delete the replacement charge using the same term it was charged in.
  • Email Vicky Chandler with the details for the account.

5) Mark all sheets left “BAD DEBT EXPENSE” with date.

6) In ALMA:

  • LOANS:  Delete loan.  Delete any outstanding from Millennium charges and over due fines.  Leave only the Replacement FEE and Processing fee.  If the charges don’t match, don’t worry about that.
    • NOTE in record:  BAD DEBT $amount/BK/ see attachment  w/d and today’s date
  • FINES:  Add note to patron record: BAD DEBT $amount/ today’s date
  • ADD BLOCK in patron record for GUESTS for both replacement costs/fines
  • For guests….Print and attach to Guest Application
  • Later step:  Scan in paperwork as needed and attach to patron record in ALMA.

7) On each record:  SUPPRESS it from PRIMO:

  • Select EDIT RECORD, which brings you to the MD Editor
  • Select TOOLS/ Set Management Tags/ Suppress from Discovery
  • To Withdraw:  Select EXIT
  • Select ITEMS/EDIT
  • Under Process type, select “To be withdrawn”
  • IF single copy.  Make sure that if you say withdrawn for multiple volumes, select THIS COPY ONLY
  • Save

8)On Paperwork:  Withdrawn:  mark : “W/D” with date

9) Keep spreadsheet of Withdrawals for DANA.

10) Decide what to reorder, if any.

11) SCAN ppwk and attach to each patron record in ALMA.

12) Slips FILED.  Do not put back in Blue Books

13) Email Jaime or self re:  any Reserve Room or ILL fines on this report.

14)  IN ALMA: IS there a way to reconstruct this list? (I DON’T KNOW….)

15) Send spreadsheet to Dana  to be withdrawn.  TAKE OUT PATRON INFO. 

16) Give Acquisitions Librarian list of possible replacements. 

ORIGINAL spreadsheet in Lost and Paid spreadsheet has the NUMBER Withdrawn by year.