Opening Library

If you are the first person here you will need to first turn on the lights. If you do not have a light key, there is one in the drawer under the register (the keys that have the brown leather strap).

Using your Blue Chip ID and password, open the doors for the workroom, Access Services offices, and Circulation Desk.

Then, do the gate count. The gate counter is located on the bottom far right of the gate closest to the desk. Record the date and number on the Gate Count Google Doc, linked to from the Blog index.

The following can be done in any order:

  • Turn on and log into each of the three computers at the Circ Desk, and the Student Computer in Suite 104 Workroom. For all,
    • Log in – Circlogin
    • Password – Tuesday10
  • For each of the three circ desk computers, open the Mozilla Browser and log into Alma. The Alma log in screen should open up on the first tab. If the credentials have not been already been saved,
    • Log in – circdesk
    • Password – Searching44
  • On the sit-down computer, open the Google Chrome browser and log into Alma using your own credentials. Go to¬† for the log in screen if it doesn’t pop up automatically.
  • Get register drawer out of the grey file cabinet in the workroom closet and put the drawer in the register. Make sure the key is turned to REG.
  • Turn on the TV using the remote in the drawer next to the low-level desk.

When it is time to open, unlock the three front entrance outside doors. Keys are located in the drawer under the register (leather strap set). Unlock the Handicapped Entrance Door by following the instructions for the Handicapped Entrance Panel located near Rolande’s desk/Jaime’s Office.

On Saturdays and Sundays, ask the student workers to clean the computers, laptops, copier, and scanner.


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