New Guest Borrower Directions

New Guest Borrower Application Instructions:  All full time staff in Access Services can access Banner.  Kim and Jaime have privileges to modify bills when needed.

Guests must be a CT state resident, over 18 years old and  present a valid CT driver’s license or ID card.  They must also give us their Social Security number.  We mail the card to them to verify their address.

Check Banner: Click on the Secure Apps link on the this Blog/Wiki.  Double click on the Secure Apps icon, then select OPEN when asked.

Find ID number

  1. Check to see if the patron has an ID: Type GUIALTI into the box.  Hit ENTER.
  2.  Type in the patron’s last name and first name, in the appropriate boxes .  IF you want to enter part of a first name, use the % sign as a wild card.
  3. Hit ENTER.
  4. If the patron has an ID, information will appear in all the columns. The ID number will appear in the second column.  Copy and paste the ID number and close GUIALTI.  If multiple patrons appear with the same name but have different ID’s, middle initials, and/or birthdays, you will need to check SOAIDNS for an address.
  5. To close GUIALTI, hit the X at the upper left.

CHECK ADDRESS (if necessary)

  1. Type SOAIDNS and hit ENTER.
  2. Paste the ID into the ID Box.
  3. Hit ENTER.
  4. If you are looking for multiple people, you may or may not find the correct person, since people move. When you find the one who matches the best, copy their ID and close
  5. To close SOAIDNS, hit the X at the upper left.


  1. Type TSAAREV into the box. Hit ENTER.
  2. X at the upper left to bypass the Invoice box.
  3.  Paste the ID into the box and hit ENTER.
  4. Many lines of entries should appear. If the Balance Column reads zero and all the Balances at the bottom of the screen read zero, then the patron does not owe CCSU any money in Banner.
  5. Or if the patron does not appear in Banner, we will check Alma also in the next section.
  6. ***IF nothing appears in the detail below the patron’s name and the cursor moves to the HOLD box, the account has gone to collection; in other words, they owe money and we can then deny them the card. ***
  7. To close TSAAREV, hit the X at the upper left
  8. close Banner.
  9. If they don’t owe money and they are a new patron, get a blank Guest Borrowers card from the envelope by the Guest Borrower Applications.


  1. Check Alma by name, checking to see if they already exist with the ID number and if they owe money.
  2. If they are not in the system, click on “Manage Patron Services.” Then click on “Register New User.”
  3. In the User Information section, enter the guest’s first name, middle name (if relevant), last name, primary identifier (new barcode number), user group (Guest), and expiration date (one year from the date you issue the card) and purge date.  *The expiration and purge dates work together when clearing out inactive accounts.)
  4. In the User Management section, click “No” for Patron has institutional record. Then enter [Welcome1] for password twice (make sure to let patron know this is their new password to access their library record online as well).  Lastly, click on the box that states “Force password change on next login.”
  5. In the Email Addresses section, click on the appropriate type and enter a valid e-mail address. 
  6. In the Addresses section, click on the “Home” address type (address should be residential) and enter all necessary fields.
  7. In the Phone Numbers section, click on the appropriate phone type and enter a valid phone number with area code.
  8. Click on Update User to create the patron’s new record. Paperclip the blank Guest Borrower card to the patron’s application and leave with Alyssa to be processed. The card will be mailed to the patron within a week; cards are never given directly to the patron on day card is issued.

On the application card:

Be sure to use the driver’s license to very the borrowers mailing address. We normally do allow PO Boxes to be used as a verified address. But FYI, recently we did have a new Guest come in who was in the USPS Address Confidentiality Program. In that case, we did use it.

As you check Banner, enter information into the patron record in ALMA and If card comes back undeliverable, check to be sure the address is correct. If it is, attach it to the Guest Borrower application and wait for the phone call or email.

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