Paying/Billing other campuses

When materials get lost between campuses, then we must pay the bill.  To do this, we to Transfer Invoice between the campuses.


The other campus will send a bill, email, something with  a price on it.  Bill the student in Banner.  Once enough time has gone by, usually a month, get a disbursement form and send a copy of the bill, with a copy of the patron’s record.  Highlight the items we are paying for.  Give to TM for payment.

File copies in folder marked INVOICES PAID BY CCSU.

CCSU Billing other campuses:

Create Memo to Carl, re:  each campus and the books you are billing for.  See the file of specific campuses.

To initiate a Transfer Invoice to get money from another campus.  Send invoice to Barb C.  She will take it from there.