CCSU ALMA User Groups

In Alma, the patrons are all in separate User Groups.  In Millenium, we called them Patron types. 

EVERY patron from either CCSU or the consortium are all Consortium Students.  The only exception are the GUEST Borrowers, because they cannot borrow between campuses (SUNY or Brandeis).   It is Consortia Students, because we could only have one consortia status and there are more students than faculty.  To differentiate them, look in ALMA under General Information.  The Job Category will say Consortium Faculty.   If it is blank, it is a student.

So, all current faculty staff and students in the consortium have this status and depending on where the record lives, depends on who is one.  Our CCSU folks are broken down into:

Faculty:  Full time

Faculty administrative:  Full time staff

Faculty Emeritus:  Retired faculty with note from HR that status has been granted.

Staff: Part time/Adjunct Faculty Staff

Continuing Ed:  Part time students Undergrad and Graduate

Undergrads:  Full time Undergraduates

Graduates: Full time Graduates

PhD:  These folks have Faculty and Staff.

For statistical purposes in our ALMA:  The Consortia Students are faculty, students and staff from the other institutions.

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