Emeritus status

Not all retired faculty get emeritus status.  I get emails from HR telling me that a faculty member has a pending request and then later I will get an email that they were granted it.  But, not all faculty who ask, receive it.   I leave messages in ALMA, I am sure you have seen them.  Look at Ewa Wolynska’s record, to see the note(s).  And I immediately do an update on the record. 

This is the ONLY scenario that I ever say YES to the following question, because it allows me to change their user status to Faculty Emeritus.  It will not be overwritten, ever. 

The expiration date changes for a while, depending on HR/Payroll.  They may be still here working as an adjunct, so the expiration date will change over time, while they are working or getting pension payouts.  At some point, the record will expire and I will change the expiration date to 12/31/2040, so we don’t have to worry about them ever expiring.  But the Faculty Emeritus status alerts me so I know they were given it.  I usually look at these in January and June. At that point, I edit things.

It’s a funky system, but it works better than them having to call me to be given privileges.  I then had to bug HR.  In Millennium, it was an easy fix, it is not so easy now.  Donna Stevenson in IT has to be sure that the faculty member appears in the exceptions list.

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