Student Worker Rules

Student Worker Rules:

1. Always record your hours on the paper timesheet and CORE-CT each day you work. Do not put hours down ahead of time. Please submit your time BEFORE the pay period ends. Failure to submit could result in a delay of your paycheck!

2. If you will be late (by even a few minutes) or absent, you must call 860-832-3404 to notify staff. Do not call Alberto’s or Sarah’s extensions, and do not e-mail!

3. You are expected to work during Finals Week since this is our busiest time and we need the assistance. However, you may reduce your hours or change your schedule per staff approval.

4. You MAY NOT use the Circulation Desk computers for social networking, games, or visiting personal or recreational sites. You MAY bring your laptop or other personal device to access other sites that are not research-based or academic, but you MUST focus on serving the patrons while at the desk.

5. Please keep cell phone use, especially texting, at a minimum at the Circulation Desk and be discreet. Please turn your ringers off or to vibrate only. If you need to take a call while you’re at the desk, please notify staff.

6. Please keep the volume low on your I-pods or Mp3 players while you’re working in the stacks so that staff can find you easily. Please do not listen to music while you’re at the desk.

7. You may bring your drinks to the Circulation Desk, but please keep them hidden underneath the desk or inconspicuous to the public. Please do not bring food to the desk. If you accidentally make a mess, please be sure to clean it up. Please discard any food remnants in the workroom or breakroom so it does not stink up the Circulation Desk.

8. Please keep conversations with friends to a minimum and ALWAYS focus on helping patrons who come to the desk.

9. You may not hang around the Circulation Desk if there seems to be nothing to do. Ask the staff if you’re not sure what else needs to be done.

10. While there is no dress code per se, please be mindful of what you wear in a professional environment. We recommend wearing layered clothing since the temperature varies greatly from day to day.

11. Please be courteous when staff members are meeting with other staff. Do not enter an office without being acknowledged. Many meetings are private, and the business that is being discussed is not to be overheard.  Anything that is heard should not be repeated!

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