Paging Slips and Incoming/Outgoing Consortia Requests

To print and process paging slips (OUTGOING REQUESTS):

  1. Go to Pick from Shelf under Resource Requests in Alma.
  2. Click on each school under Pickup Institution on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. Click on each item or Select All for the items in each institution.
  4. Select Print Slips and Execute.
  5. After slips print, retrieve them from the shelves. Cancel any requests that are from CCSU students, staff, and faculty that the CCSU library already has available.
  6. When retrieving the items from the shelves, separate them by pick-up institution.
  7. Once items have been retrieved, go to Scan In Items under Resource Requests in Alma. The boxes above the Scan Item Barcode should be blank.
  8. Scan each item barcode. Items will be placed In-Transit and are ready to be shipped.
  9. Using the shipping labels in the workroom, ship the items to their necessary destinations.
  10. For ECSU, SCSU, and WCSU items, you can bag them using the large plastic bags in the workroom and place them in the mail bins outside of Stack 1 for the DAS courier to ship.
  11. For community college and CSL (CT State Library) items, you can seal them in a padded or bubble envelope found in the workroom and tape the corresponding label to the front of the envelope. For any media (CDs, videos, DVDs), please put them in a box. Be sure to cross off any print found on the reusable envelope or box with a sharpie. These items can also be placed in the mail bins outside of Stack 1 for the DAS Courier to ship.

When items (INCOMING REQUESTS) from other institutions arrive at CCSU to be put on the hold-shelf:

  1. Go to Scan in Items under Resource Requests in Alma.
  2. Select Item from Another Institution.
  3. Select Institution of item in drop down box.
  4. Scan item barcode.
  5. Item will be removed from In-Transit status and can be put on holdshelf. Patron will be notified via e-mail.


  1. Click on Active Hold Shelf link, under Fulfillment/Resource Requests
  2. Sort by Title (Default is by Requester Name)
  3. When you find the correct title, click Cancel Request
  4. Select a reason and SAVE