Renewing Library Materials

Patrons can renew items in person, over the phone, or online. 

CCSU patrons are allowed two renewals for another 8 weeks (another 4 weeks for media, including music CDs, DVDs, and videos) unless the item has a hold on it (recall) or it is a non-renewable item.  (This has been relaxed since COVID, March 2020)

Patrons have the option to renew online, on or before the due date, by accessing their patron records via the library website.

Patrons seeking renewals in person do not need the bring the books, just their Blue Chip ID or Guest Borrower’s card.

  1. Under Manage Patron Services, scan their ID.
  2. Under Loan Display, click on the downward arrow and select All.
  3. Check off each item to be renewed. If the patron wants to renew all items, click on the empty box next to Title.
  4. Click on Renew Selected or Renew All if patron is renewing all items in record.
  5. Let patron know of new due dates.

OR if the patron does have the books

  1. Scan their ID.
  2. Scan each item.
  3. Stamp new due dates.

The system will assign a new due date if the renewal was successful. If the item has a hold on it, the system will tell you such and the item will not be renewed.

*Faculty members are allowed multiple renewals. An override may be necessary if there are more than 2 renewals.

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